Introducing the crew

Our crew is small but mighty and we are eager to help.

Nancy Nigh
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Nancy recently completed her degree in Visual Arts at Brock University.  She also completed 2 years at Sheridan College in their Textile program. She has had a love of fibre for most of her life.  She began recreating at a very young age when she cut her Mom's living room drapery off at her height when she was barely old enough to use a pair of scissors. She loves to share her passion for fibre with others.


Cece is our friendly greeter.  She may bark when you arrive to let us know you're here but she is a sweet pup that wouldn't hurt a fly!  She is hypoallergenic and doesn't shed so she's a perfect little shop dog.  She'll give you a cuddle and a kiss if you'll let her! 

Social Media Specialist
Emily Isaacs-Nigh

Emily is a social media wizard; she looks after all the social media for the store. Emily is also the friendly face you will often see in the store.  She is learning the ropes about fibre art but is very friendly and helpful. She does have the advantage of growing up in a quilt shop so she's learned a lot by osmosis and she started when she was 4!