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What is eco printing?

Eco Printing is an ecologically sustainable, plant based, printing process which gives brilliant colour to cloth. In other words, it is a direct printing process that transfers the tannins in plant material to fabric using a process related to natural dyeing. This time of year is perfect to see how the tannins in leaves can leave their mark. Just go out to your front walk after a rainy fall day like we've been having and sweep the leaves that have fallen from the trees off the sidewalk. You will notice the leaves have left their outline printed on the sidewalk. This is a form of eco printing; or mark-making by nature.

India Flint India Flint is the originator of the Eco Print. She is a visual artist and botanical chemist, specializing in natural dyeing techniques using bio-regional and ecologically sustainable dyes from wind fallen leaves, bark and earth pigments with cloth, paper, felting and weaving. Her technique has become a world wide phenomenon.

India Flint negotiates the path between installation, printing, drawing, writing and sculpture immersing herself in and paying deep attention to the environment. She harvests her materials trying to step lightly on the land while being nurtured by it. Everyday her work starts with a nature walk. She is concerned about our everyday lives which surround us with a constant cocktail of toxins. Synthetic textiles and dyes are silent contributors to ill health. In addition, they are heavily polluting our world.

Watch a video (below) of India unveiling a bundle printed using her technique. Each time you wrap a bundle, the unveiling will be a mystery, like opening a gift. Try India's technique in our eco printing class this Saturday morning (October 20) from 10am-1pm.

Try India's technique in our eco printing class this Saturday morning (October 20) from 10am-1pm.

$25 plus materials (plant material included)

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