Round the Garden

I haven't written a blog post for some time. There have been too many projects to do and samples to be made! I have spent a lot of my time knitting since the store opened but lately this is the only thing I want to do! Wendy Williams' Round the Garden quilt!

Some time ago Brenda, a lovely customer, came into the store and asked if I'd ever consider offering it as a class.... I fell in love with it instantly. It will be on the class list this fall! I have been sourcing linens and wool and carry the pearl cottons and rayon threads that will embellish it beautifully.

I have started my sample and I'm hooked! What house work? What laundry? I just want to stitch!

My Start! The background was hand dyed in Indigo.

I started with the top right quarter of the inner quilt. It is so much fun, I can't put it down!That's a good thing because I have to be ahead of the class.....

I added a Golden Retriever under the tree to personalize my quilt . I have two Goldens at home... There will be a Cece in there somewhere before I'm done.

I hope that if you love stitching and wool appliqué, you'll consider joining us! We are taking names of those interested now!

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