We've been open 1 month already

It's hard to believe a month has past by already. It seems like we just opened the door to our store. We have seen many familiar faces and have received several hugs and "happy to see you back" welcomes. It has been wonderful! Many can't believe Emily is 20 already! She was only 3 when I opened Gone to Pieces in 2002. It's wonderful to have her helping me in the store and I'm surprised by her knowledge, as most of it was by osmosis. She loves the customers (when I think back, she always has) and is eager to help.

It feels good to me to be back where I belong. You can only fight against your calling for so long and then you find it slapping you in the face (I'm glad it did!). I decided not to resist it anymore, to just go with it (Thanks to the gentle coaxing of a dear friend Jennifer). I couldn't have done any of it with out the tireless help of Bob, who with some help from my Dad, made everything look just the way I wanted.

I'm excited to get this website up and running so that we can share what we are doing on this blog and post our upcoming classes and workshops and some online shopping. I've learned a lot about my computer in the last month or so; it keeps me growing. :-)

We want to extend the invitation for your input regarding items to carry or ways to make things work better for our customers. I will always be open to hearing your feedback. Please talk to me if you ever run into a problem at the store. We are here to serve you and make your experience at Nancy's Fibre Art Shop the best that it can be.

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