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The Class List Is Ready!

October 4, 2018

Well, I finally figured it all out! The website is up and running and connected to our domain! That is a relief!

Make sure to visit our "Upcoming Classes" page to see what we are offering this fall. If you are looking for a specific category, look under the "More" tab and there will be a drop down list that will take you to more specific classes.

From Gelatine Plate to finish Quilt with Al Cote
We have some great teachers joining us this session!

Many of you know Al Cote but for those who don't, here's just a bit more information.

Al completed his Visual Arts degree at Brock University along with his B Ed. He began combining his visual arts with fabrics and fibres, when he and his wife Debbie owned a quilt shop. Al’s creative and innovative classes soon found him travelling across Ontario and the USA. His fibre art work has been exhibited at the Houston Quilt Market, travelling exhibits visiting Canadian Embassies and is in private collections. Al teaches at Halliburton School of Art and Design in the summer months.

He is going to do 4 workshops over the next few months. They run on Saturdays from 10am-4:30pm and include lunch.

We are excited that he is joining us to do his Art Quilt Series!

If you are an art quilter or want to try art quilting, Al is a great resource for learning.


Jo Vandermay is also joining us this fall. Jo loves to experiment with her quilting techniques and dyeing. She is teaching a class in something that may be quite new to some of you.

Eco-printing is an interesting process and gives beautiful results. It's a method that transfers plant material, such as leaves to silk.

I'll do a blog post soon on eco printing. It's so much fun!

Jo is also teaching a class from Gloria Loughman's new book, Fabulous Facades.
In the knitting category, Wanda Hope is offering a class to make a beautiful sweater called the Weekender. I want to knit one of these myself. For those who frequented Stitch in Jordan, you will recognize Wanda. She use to teach for Jocelyn . Many of you refer to her as the fastest knitter ever. I can't wait to see her knit! :-).

We also have Tara Bovenkamp joining us to teach the beginner knitting classes. Tara is very calm and patient (I've seen the intricate projects she knits) and will be an awesome teacher for beginners.

Of course, you'll see that I am teaching a fair bit. It's what I love to do in this business; share knowledge and ideas.

Many of you remember me from Gone to Pieces and wonder what I've been up to in the last seven years I've been away from this business. I spent five of those years at Brock University getting my BA in Visual Arts (Studio Art). I then found a program right up my alley at Sheridan College. They offer a BA in Craft in Design specializing in Textiles. I completed 2 of the 4 years but decided to get back into the shop owning business! (It allowed me to have a great studio space to work too!). I'm excited to get these classes rolling and to see all of you enjoying the process! Hope that you can join us!

The Weekender Class by Wanda Hope

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